Appointment scheduling system for event organisers

Allow customers to schedule a time slot that works for them, and for you. Without you having to do anything!

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Add to Calendar

Attendee can add the order to their calendar. This way they receive a notification before their ticket. The address, travel time and link to their confirmation page can be found in the event details.

Communication made easy

Every order, cancelation, change and reminder is automatically sent to your attendee. Emails are sent in your style so they look like your store.

Attendent details

For event organisers it's super handy to have all the details of attendee at their finger tips. Allowing you to send a text, call or email whenever you need.

Cancelation deadline

Decide until what time attendee can cancel for free. Whenever a cancelation is made, attendee receive a message including a link to schedule their next ticket.

Change the time

Attendee can change the time of their upcoming order as long as the cancelation deadline hasn't passed.

Attendent history

See exactly what kind of tickets your customer had last time.






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