We love people who make their dreams come true.

We believe that people with talent and passion should be enabled. We worked two years to build Vev. It allows everyone to become make an income.

What makes us tick?

We want to break the boundaries to start for yourself and build your own future. We are on a mission to make money with your talent as easy as possible. We do this ny making tools that are easy to understand and deliver all the smarts needed.

We learned at Apple.

We saw what happened when you give everyone in the world the best tools. New businesses rise, economies grow and things that weren’t possible before can be realised. And not just by those that know technology in and out. We mean everyone. And that’s exactly what we are aiming for.


We have been looking for a short name that everyone can pronounce. Vev.co was the shortest url we could find, This way it’s less about us, and more about you. And since .co is the acronym for "company" this made it the perfect name.

We'll always stay free.

We think everyone can benefit from Vev. And we believe it should have existed already. It should be free. Vev+ adds features that cost a bit, but you don’t have to take it. With Vev+  you can save even more time, efficiency or branding. But the free plan will stay.

We hate the 30%.

Marketplaces deliver eyeballs and a tool. A combination designed to get you hooked. They send customers you wouldn’t get otherwise. That’s easy money right? Nope, they charge you with ridiculous commission. And who decides where the customer goes next? You don’t. And next year, the commission will increase. Again and Again.


Download official Vev logos, product screenshots, and founder photos. Contact us at press@vev.co for further press assistance.

Make Vev better.

We're always looking for talented and passionate people to join our team.

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Some of the benefits working at Vev.

Work anywhere.
Work from our offices, from home, a local cafe. Your choice.
Work anytime.
Early risers or night owls. We are output focussed.
Office swap.
Every year we work in a place somewhere in Europe.
Work as much as you want.
From part-time to fulltime and everything in between.
Free lunch.
Complimentary lunch provided at our office locations.
Bring your pets.
We love everything fluffy, so bring your hairy friends anytime.
Free commute.
We'll reimburse your commute expenses for get to the office.
Free gear.
Pick your own gear that makes your job easier.

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