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Escape expensive ordering systems and simplify takeaway orders for your food truck.

Why use an ordering system for your food truck?

Managing food supplies, receiving takeaway orders, corresponding with customers, and preparing the food can be a lot to handle. What if someone told you that there is a system that can manage the orders and give you an overview of your day? What if we are that someone, such an ordering system exists. It takes care of all the boring administration stuff while you get all the time you need to prepare the food and concentrate on the quality of your products and service.

You are the chef. Consider the ordering system as the backbone of your business. You get to focus on your passion, and the system will keep you updated on what needs to be cooking. And on top off that, your customers will know exactly when their orders are ready and will be waiting at your food truck when the dish is steaming hot.

When to use a food truck ordering app?

After talking to many food truck owners, it became clear that most face similar challenges. In short, here is what we noticed. If you find yourself in the following situations, it is a good indication that the time has come to make use of an ordering system:

Show potential customers your menu and boost your revenue.

Do people often queue in front of your food truck, asking a ton of questions about your menu? Or do people often send you messages to ensure their order is correct? A food truck ordering app helps showcase your menu to your customers. People can now see the food that you offer and take as much time as needed to select their favorite items. Very frequently, by getting a good look at all the delicious options your food truck offers, they will even upsize their order. And boost your revenue, making using an ordering app a double win!

Increase the satisfaction of your customers

Let’s be honest, no one loves queues.People are busy, and so are you. An ordering system for your food truck allows you to set up specific timeframes for your customers to pick up their order. So you know for sure that you are using your kitchen most efficiently and that all orders are ready exactly when they need to be.

Customers then drop by at the exact time that they can pick up their order. They leave happy, not having to wait in long queues, and excited to re-order from you. At the same time, you remain stress-free and ready to prepare the food for your next customer.

Manage food supplies efficiently

Amongst all the hassle, you need to ensure you have the right amount of supplies and don’t forget an order. An ordering app helps you by providing a practical overview of all orders for the upcoming period. Plus, it also gives you an insight into what you sell on the average day.

Combine these two, and you will know the exact ingredients that you need to buy. And then we haven’t even talked about identifying trends. How does being the trendy food truck that always has the favorite dish of town sound to you? The Vev food truck ordering app can help you get there!

What are the benefits of a food truck online ordering system?

The benefits of using an ordering system for your food truck are numerous. But we wanted to hear it from people that actually use one. Introducing Premura Pizza, that benefited from using Vev in the early stages of their business:

"The time component is super important. There are only 4 spots in our oven and with Vev we could limit the number of orders per 15 minutes to 4. Then, when we were sold out for that time period, it would only show the ‘available’ time slots to people. Took away the stress before it even popped-up”

“Our customers also really liked our website. They could see the products before they ordered, on a page in our brand colors and with our logo always visible on top. And all that really helps! The fact that you can bring your menu online and you make it available for people, that's like a big plus, right? You don't have to communicate on your cell phone anymore”

“And I think also on the consumer side, it was nice because you would get a timestamp in your calendar, which works as a nice reminder for them: “I can now go by and grab my food.”

To summarize, here are the benefits of using a food truck ordering app:

  • Improved customer experience since customers can order at their convenience
  • Possibility to sell more by showcasing your offerings in an engaging way
  • Flexibility in how you want to run your business by updating your available time slots, pricing, and menu
  • Increased efficiency for your food truck since the software allows you to easily manage orders and supplies

How to set up online ordering for your food truck?

So if the above hasn’t convinced you yet to get started, then the ease of setting up an ordering system for your food truck definitely will. Let’s have a look at how to get started with online ordering.

Finding the right software can become an overwhelming task, however, it doesn’t have to be. You want to focus on your passion and have the administrative tasks taken care of in a simple-to-manage way. And that’s what you need to be looking for.

Vev can be used as a food truck ordering system. It is free and easy to set up. All you need to do is to create your page following the three-step onboarding process and adjust your menu by adding photos, descriptions, and pricing for your offerings. The final step will be to set up your availability and you are up and running!

Your first orders will start to come in and you can view them on your “Orders” tab. A simple way to increase the visibility of your menu would be to print the unique QR code and stick it on your food truck or packaging. You can also add your Vev-link to your social media accounts.

Now, let the software do its magic, while you get busy in the kitchen!

In a few words, here’s all you need to get started with the Vev ordering app for your food truck:

  • Set up your page following a simple three-step process
  • Create your menu by adding your offerings, photos, descriptions, and prices
  • Add your logo and adjust your colors to match your brand
  • Print your QR code and stick it to your food truck or packaging
  • Add your link to your social accounts
  • Start cooking!

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