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We might be the underdog in the grooming business. But every dog has its day.

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Pomeranian Groomer

Let our furry friends enter your salon.

Tap into something great for everyone. 

No more phone calls, texts, or emails from customers trying to schedule, change, or cancel their appointment. Include your link in your bio, website, or on paper so that people can help themselves 24/7.

Your entire office, in your pocket.

Change your price list, opening hours, or see who’s coming in an hour from now. All from your phone. You are always in control.

Fully in charge of your own payments.

You have the freedom to take any form of payment. Cash, card, or your preferred app. This way you save money, and get great flexibility in return.

Free today. Free tomorrow.

Oopen is the first system that doesn’t take any commission, cut, or monthly fee. We’re just in the business of helping you.



Give the treatments you want.

Manage your price list with treatments you like to offer. Re-order them like you want, sell extras and show prices. You can choose to add a short description and the duration per item.


Time slots.

Be as strict or flexible as you want with your time. Allow customers to pick a time slot that works for them, and for you.

Cancel deadline

Cancellation deadline.

Plans change. That's a fact. You can define until what time your customers can cancel for free. They'll also see that in their confirmation message. If they cancel, they'll also be able to immediately schedule a new appointment.

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All that's needed is the name of your store, and your e-mail address. With that, you can get started (almost) immediately, and (absolutely) for free. No need to sign contracts, or endure visits from pesky salespeople. You are in control.
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