Free Point of Sale system for your bar

Let your customers pay for their drink before you can shake for their drink. All from their phone, while you keep your hands free.

Bar Point of Sale system

What is bar management software?

Bar management software is here to make your life as a bartender easier. How? By taking a lot of work out of your hands. The software gives your bar an online destination, even though that sounds much fancier than it really is. Website would be a better word, a website that people can use to order (and pay) for their drinks. Or book the bar for a night of karaoke.

But we also see bar owners use our software to host events. Friday night with Sjimmy Swingy or the Triangle Twins, be sure that your bar is filled to the brim with bar management software.

You can simply send out your link to your regulars, or share it on social media, and have them ‘attend’ the event. You can even make them pay for it upfront, when the artist of the night is actually a bit above budget. Did someone say the Rolling Stones?

So what exactly is bar reservation software:

  • An online ‘bar’ where people can order drinks or book a private karaoke night.
  • A tool which helps you estimate how many people will show up to your events
  • Your online assistant, giving you a clear overview of sales and revenue
  • An inventory manager, know exactly what will run out when

Have customers reserve their spot at your next event

When to use bar inventory software?

Bar inventory software can be useful for many different situations, but it is completely up to you when you want to use it. Let’s quickly run over some of the possibilities:

You want to have a clear overview of all orders

Bar order software can do this for you, it only requires all customers to order at your online ‘bar’. Or for you to create the orders there for them when they order at the bar.

The great advantage of having all order information in one place is that at the end of the night you can quickly see what you sold, how much you sold and to whom you sold it. Did Patrick really drink 12 shots of Vodka? Maybe better to give him some unasked glasses of water next time he comes around.

You want to have the right inventory at all times

No bar owner wants a fully stuffed magazine with drinks that no one ever seems to order. Or use the words ‘sorry, we ran out of that’. And even though you have a feel for what your customers drink, bar inventory software can make you a true buying-king!

By using bar inventory software, you know the exact numbers of each and every drink that you put on the bar. This way you also know what amount of each drink you sell on an average night, and therefore when you must buy some new supplies. And, to really put the crown on your head, you are also able to spot new trends. I am selling this much IPA lately, really? Better buy some different types of it then!

You want to spend more time running your bar

Bar software is like an extra bartender, it just takes a lot of work off your plate. And a lot of time saved means more time for other things. Maybe you can actually listen to Jennifer complaining at the bar again for once. Or hang that decoration that you have laying in the back. The software comes with a built-in CRM.

Anyway, try our tool for yourself first, win some time back. And then start worrying about what you are going to do with that extra time.

Free Point of Sale system for your bar

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Buy again

In just a tap your customers become regulars. Get the best date and time for the next order. No upcoming order? You and your customers are reminded to buy a drink again.

Sell smart

Add options, durations, variations, preparation time, cleanup time and your duration to help your customers buy.

Define your own duration

Some orders don’t require your attention the whole time, so you can help another customer.

Buy deadline

Choose till what time customers can buy a drink.







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