Reservation system for eyebrow stylists

Get online reservations for your salon and don't spend a minute more texting, calling or emailing!

Appointment software for brows stylist

The reservation system your salon deserves

With Vev your salon gets its very own online reservation page. Configure the page once and the software will take care of all eyebrow treatments that come in. Your clients see exactly what eyebrow treatments are available at what times and can reserve their preferred option with the click of a button.

No more no-shows either, both you as the eyebrow stylist and the client are automatically reminded via mail. And with the option to make pre-payments mandatory your clients will think twice before skipping their reservation. In the worst case your clients can reschedule their reservation themselves too, saving yet another call.

You are well on your way to saving your salon many hours a week. Scroll down a bit further for some other benefits that come with Vev, all for free. And then, when you are ready, you can join 1000’s of other successful eyebrow stylists happily using Vev each and every day!

Run your salon on auto-pilot With your new toolset

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Your month wrapped up

Every month starts with an overview of last months' appointments cancelations and revenue for your salon. This way you know exactly how your salon is doing.

Your own link

Add your link to your website and socials. A link in bio could boost the appointments of your salon up to 40%.

Sync to your calendar

Automatically sync your appointments to your personal calendar app.

Add 'Me time'

Got a personal appointment? With just a tap you can block time off. This way clients can't make an appointment.

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