Booking System for Teachers

Allow customers to book a time slot at your learning center that works for them, and for you. Get lessons booked without you having to do anything!

Learning center reservation system

The booking system your students will love

With Vev you get your own online booking page where student can book appointments directly into your agenda. Set up your learning center once and watch the software take care of the boring booking stuff after.

Having an alway up-to-date booking system prevents double bookings and gives you the overview you need to run your learning center. Missed appointments are something of the past too, the system will send automatic reminders of upcoming lessons to your students.

You got the ambition, and the right tooling for your learning center right in front of you. Browse through some of the other benefits that Vev brings below or join 1000’s of other teachers today. For free.

Run the learning center on auto-pilot With your new toolset

  • No-shows

  • Business

  • Payments

  • Customers

  • Overview

  • Marketing

  • Sell

Change the time

Students can change the time of their upcoming appointment as long as the cancelation deadline hasn't passed.

Add to Calendar

Students can add the appointment to their calendar. This way they receive a notification before their lesson. The address, travel time and link to their confirmation page can be found in the event details.

Add to wallet

After students schedule lessons, they get a pass for their digital wallet. When added they get a notification on their phone at the right time. The pass contains all the details like; date, time, location, total cost, payment details and link.

Communication made easy

Every appointment, cancelation, change and reminder is automatically sent to your students. Emails are sent in your style so they feel familiar to the students of your learning center.

Student details

For teachers it's super handy to have all the details of students at their finger tips. Allowing you to send a text, call or email whenever you need.

Cancelation deadline

Decide until what time students can cancel for free. Whenever a cancelation is made, students receive a message including a link to schedule their next lesson with your learning center

Student history

See exactly what kind of lessons your students had at your learning center last time.








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