How to become
a personal trainer

Do you have a love for fitness and want to share it with others? Have you crushed your physical health goals and want to help others do the same? Then becoming a personal trainer might just be right for you. Many people have goals for their bodies and minds but need assistance reaching them. Create your own Personal Training business to help others become the best that they can be.

What is a Personal Trainer?

Personal trainers are a type of coach that helps their clients reach their personal health and fitness goals in a safe and effective manner. This is usually conducted through exercise plans and recommended nutrition guidelines. Personal trainers may be used to help reach the goals of certain specializations as well. There are many different forms of exercise and many different types of personal trainers. Weight training, weight loss, performance, physique training may all be encompassed in what you teach others. You may also help others maintain their already achieved fitness. Being a personal trainer is a very rewarding job. You get to help people discover the best in themselves and realize that they are strong and capable. Sound like exactly what you want to do? Learn how to start your own personal training business below.

Skills that personal trainers need

There are many types of skills needed to be a successful personal trainer. First, you need to be physically and mentally healthy yourself. You cannot lead others into a nourishing life if yours is lacking. Spend time reaching your goals in fitness and health before guiding others. This leads to having experience in reaching your own targets. Your potential clients want to hear your wellness story and trust that you can guide them. Gain experience at the gym and know your way around the different techniques and equipment before teaching others.

Outside of personal experience and knowledge of equipment, there are also interpersonal skills that you need to have. As a personal trainer, you are supposed to be the most supportive coach to your clients. You need to be an effective communicator and encourager. Reaching your health and fitness goals can feel very vulnerable. You clients need to be able to feel secure when coming into a lesson with you.You will need to people skills required to be encouraging, understanding, firm, and kind.

Training and certifications for personal trainers

To be a successful and legal personal trainer there are many types of certifications both required and recommended to those wishing to purse this journey. First, many accreditation platforms require that you hold a high school diploma or a GED. If you don’t not have this requirement yet, take a step back and gather this certification first.

In most jobs, but especially physical fitness, it is required to hold a First Aid/AED/CPR certification. Because you are working with the health of your clients, you need to know how to help maintain that health if an emergency were to arise. Research local First Aid and CPR certifications in your area. The American Red Cross is a great place to start if residing in the United States.

Secondly, you need to be certified in your personal specialization. Start thinking about what type of training you want to focus on and offer your clients. Different parts of the world have their own accreditation requirements. Do some research on what is needed in the area you wish to train in. In America, the most accredited organization is the National Academy of Sports Medicine. This organization offers many different types of certifications in which you may be interested in pursuing. Additionally, if you wish to offer nutrition services to your clients, you will need to be certified in that too. The NASM also offers accreditations for nutrition and wellness. Certifications require in-depth training and exams to prove that you have what it takes to be a CPT, or Certified Personal Trainer. After gaining all your necessary certifications, you are ready to begin your personal training business journey.

How to organize your bookings and clients

The personal training business is set to grow by 10% by 2026. This means that with your skills and certification, you will likely be busy booking clients. For other business this could be an overwhelming task, but with Vev’s free small business software it doesn’t have to be. Create your own personalized Vev page to get started. With this your clients can see your availability, pick a time that works for them, and book you right on the spot. You as the business owner are also able to see your schedule in one easy place, right on your phone. No more confusing schedules or double bookings. Be the boss of your own schedule by managing all your client contacts and bookings easily and efficiently. Don’t spend your rest day stressing over your calendar. Get back to what you really love doing – helping your clients become stronger and healthier.

Prices can range from $40 to $150 per session.

How to promote your business

In the small business world, promotion and marketing is a big deal. But – it can also cost a lot of money and time. Instead of creating a website that doesn’t hold its weight, consider spending most of your effort on social media. Accounts like TikTok and Instagram are perfect places to get your business seen. Everyone is looking to follow fitness “influencers” and want to be inspired by fitness and health related content. Take time to show off your own personal gym routine or showcase your client’s progress. Make inspirational posts and tell others that they are strong enough to reach their goals. Helping them realize their potential and setting them up with a personalized routine is where you come in. Be sure to add your Vev links to your social media so clients can book you right away.

Another great way to promote yourself as a personal trainer is through personal connections. Build a relationship with small gyms in your area and ask them to refer you when their customers ask about private trainings. Make simple flyers containing your information and services and hang them up around fitness centers, community centers, or sporting goods stores. Be sure to add your personalized Vev QR code to your pamphlets; this way potential clients can book straight away.

How much money do you earn as a personal trainer?

If you have the skills, the heart, and the proper certifications, chances are your business will be successful. Personal trainers are in high demand as individuals seek to reach their goals and live a fit lifestyle. But how much can you make being a personal trainer? This all depends on your location. Take some time to research how much other personal trainers charge in your area. Some may charge by the hour, by the session, or offer group classes as well. Nutrition and wellness session may be included or may be an extra charge. Look to see what is the normal rate in your area and base your prices off of that.

Beginning trainers can expect to make less than those who have been in business for a while. In the United States, prices can range from $40 per session to $150. This all depends on your area, your expertise, and how long you want sessions to be. Finished a great work out and are ready to send a client an invoice? Use your Vev profile to handle all of your payments in one place.


To be a personal trainer you must have a love for others and a passion for health and fitness. Use your own journey to motivate others to become the best that they can be. Achieving your goals is hard work. Helping others reach their dreams is an extremely rewarding job. Once you set your own goal of opening a personal training business, you need to become certified in all the necessary ways. This means earning your GED, becoming CPR certified, and completing training at an accredited personal training agency in your area. Once you complete these steps, you are ready to start booking clients through your Vev page. Take advantage of social media platforms to market your business and share how you can help others with their fitness goals. As well, use personal connections and partnership with other businesses to help spread the word about your services. Take a look at rates in your area and use Vev to send invoices to your clients. With your encouragement and goal-centered mindset, your clients will be on their way to crushing their health and fitness ambitions with you by their side.

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