How to become
a golf teacher

A beautiful, cool morning awaits. The green, luscious lawn fuels your golfing dreams. Will you instruct the next Tiger Woods or Arnold Palmer? Will your students reach championship after championship? As a private golf instructor, you have the ability to influence the next greats in the sport of golf. Sound like your dream come true? Start pursuing your own private golfing business with some skill, certifications, free Vev software, and your golfing passion.

What is a golf instructor?

Not only is golf an enjoyable past time sport for many amateurs, but it is also a rigorous sport that requires a lot of training. The great thing about golf is that many people, young and old, love the activity and want to learn more. That’s where you come in. As a private golf instructor your job is to harness the skill of your clients and help them achieve a good game. Some may want to learn how to beat their friends during early morning tee time and others may have dreams of going pro. This may mean helping them with their swing to teaching them when to use different golf clubs. There is a lot to learn in the sport of golf, and you’re there to teach them everything they need to know to dominate the course and perfect their game.

Skills that golf teachers need

If you are going to teach someone a sport, you need to at least be proficient in it. This means that to be a private golf instructor you need to have experience on the green yourself, and not just the putting green. Caddies don’t count either. You need to have real-hand experience playing the game and playing it well. You also need to be a good problem solver. Golf is all about solving a problem and getting your ball where you want it to go. Teaching this skill requires practice and good communication. Have a good swing and great scores? Know your way around the course like the back of your hand? Know how to get out of the bunker? Then you probably have what it takes to share your knowledge with other aspiring golfers. Your experience on the fairway will shine through as you teach others to appreciate the game and get a birdie or two.

Training and certification for golf instructors

To be a professional and successful private golf instructor you must gather all of the training and certifications necessary to do so. Many golf instructors have some sort of formal training. This may mean a college degree or experience playing on a team. This experience is vital to showing your students that you know what you’re talking about and can teach them the skills needed to achieve their best possible game.

Aside from your experience throughout the years, you will also want to acquire certifications to teach your students safely, legally, and professionally. Start learning the required certifications in the area that you wish to teach. The United States Golf Teachers Federation, or the USGTF, is one of the leading accreditation associations. They are nationally recognized in the United States as well as internationally recognized. So, no matter where you are in the world, you can get certified through them. They offer memberships, trainings, and certifications to those wishing to become golf teaching professionals, golf coaches, and golf club managers. Everything you need to learn to become a private golf instructor can be learned through their programs. There are trainings in swinging, golf psychology, club fitting, ball flight laws, and more. As well, there are verbal, written, and physical skills tests required to pass certification. After completing the in-depth training and gaining your certification, you will ensure that your private golf instructing business doesn’t get off to a rough start.

How to organize bookings and clients

Now that you’re certified in teaching golf, it is time to get your private golf instructing business off and running. But there is a lot included in running your business besides just playing golf. You will want to manage, organize, and schedule your clients effectively and efficiently. Instead of trying to do it yourself with countless calendars and contact lists, sign up for Vev’s free software. This free program is a business owner’s best friend when it comes to booking clients. They have made it easy for those who want to become private golf instructors to get started and organized in just one click. See all of your bookings and manage your customer information on your phone with ease. No more digging through contacts, loosing emails, and forgetting lessons. With an easy and free software such as Vev, you can spend more time doing what you love best – teaching golf to all kinds of students.

How to promote your business

Promoting a business takes a lot of time and money. I’m sure we all have seen amazing commercial, billboards, and websites from our favorite businesses. You don’t have to settle for just a sub-par website to market yourself; there are many ways to promote your private golf lessons through other means. Sign up for social media and be consistent and creative in your posts. Accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are great avenues to show off your skill, personality, and business. Show your community and potential students what you are made of and how you can help them achieve their dreams and golfing goals. Is a client ready to book a lesson with you? Point them to your Vev link to schedule bookings in a quick and easy way.

Personal connections and partnerships are also a huge form of promotion. Speak with clubhouse managers at your local country club and let them know that you are a private golf instructor. Many golf courses partner with private instructors and recommend them when their customers ask about local lessons. Create flyers and post them in these clubhouses and in local golf supply stores. Don’t forget to add your custom Vev QR code for clients to contact you or book lessons right away.

Promoting your business doesn’t have to be complicated or technical. Let your passion for golf and teaching new students shine through in your promotions. New students are looking to be taught by someone who is professional but also has a true love for the game. Use social media, personal connection, and Vev to spread the word about your skills and heart to help others.

How much money do you earn as a golf instructor?

Now that you’ve created your goal, honed your skill, become certified, booked your first client and stuck to your promotional plan, it is now time to get paid. But you may be wondering how much you can make as a private golf teacher. The average rate for instructors depends on the area in which you wish to teach. Do some research on local prices and set your hourly rate accordingly. Instructors who are just starting off can expect to make less than seasoned professionals. In the United States, golf instructors can expect to make around $18 an hour for lessons. Those who are PGA pro instructors can see salaries of up to $80,000 a year. Your annual rate will depend on your experience, certifications, area, and availability. Once a client has booked with you, they will need to pay you for your services. Vev can also manage your invoices and client payments. No more complicated charging systems. Send invoices easily and quickly straight to your clients through Vev’s free business software.


So - are you ready to make your dream a reality? Have a passion for the sport of golf and want to teach others to love it as well? Starting your own private golf instruction business might just be right for you. First, create goals for your business and cultivate your dream. Next, gather all of the necessary certifications required for golf instructors in your area. Look into the USGTF for help in getting trained to teach. These certifications help you conduct your business legally and professionally. When you gather your first clients, you will want to have a smooth booking process. Partner with Vev to manage all your bookings and clients in one place. Meet more clients through your social media and personal connection promotions. Your media content and connection with country clubs will be vital in getting you clients who are excited to learn with you. After booking, get paid directly through Vev invoice services. Vev’s software is your one-stop-shop to booking, client contacts, and payment management. With your golfing skills and small business savvy, your private golf instructor business will be a success in no time!

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